Does the smell of your hot water, while showering, make you feel less than clean? We can help.

The PURPOSE of an anode rod: The anode rod is usually an aluminum or magnesium rod placed in a water heater tank and is used to protect against corrosion of the tank. It is sometimes called a sacrificial anode since it dissolves slowly and sacrifices itself to protect the metal tank. As the anode reacts with substances in the water, it undergoes an electrochemical reaction and draws corrosion to itself rather than the tank. But once the anode rod corrodes, your water heater’s tank is next.

What’s all the STINK about? In areas with sulfides in the water, there is a reaction with magnesium anodes which creates hydrogen sulfide gas that produces a rotten egg smell in the water. Smelly water conditions typically occur in private wells located within the high hardness areas shown in the water map below. In other areas with high conductivity water, aluminum anodes create an aluminum hydroxide gel that decreases the efficiency of the heater and quickly depletes the anode leaving the tank unprotected.

The anode DILEMMA: The removal of the rod will allow the substances in the water to attract to the tank and may decrease the life expectancy of your tank, and in turn voids most warranties.

The SOLUTION: Permanently eliminate aluminum hydroxide and most smelly water and help extend the life of your water heater tank. The Product Preservers™ Powered Anode System replaces sacrificial anodes which are normally shipped with water heaters. This next generation of anode provides consistent protection that extends the life of your water heater tank. Since no chemicals are added to the water as with sacrificial anodes, the Powered Anode System will not create smelly water or aluminum hydroxide.

The Powered Anode System can be used with any water heater which is 50 gallons or less and contains a dedicated sacrificial anode. Contact us at 260-856-2225 or to schedule installation or for product question assistance.